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Reasons why women refuse to believe they are beautiful



Women have always faced the never ending chase of looking beautiful. But what is beauty? Is it a bunch of compliments about your hair? Is it when a man appreciates your soft lips or big, round eyes? Do these questions even make a woman believe she is beautiful? Or does she just take them as generous compliments and the end of the day still thinks of herself as not-good-enough? Women tend to believe all of the negative things people say. To them a compliment or a positive statement is just a lie. They focus on their imperfections. They don’t think they can be beautiful. They follow the models and the magazines and compare themselves with the girl on the TV or in the magazine. Society forces them to make this comparison. To amend this negative mentality and failure to receive a compliment, we must find the cause of this dilemma.

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Men can lie so well, how are we to believe their compliments?

In this world of

, it doesn’t take long for girls to understand that men tend to lie. A lot. They start over thinking and lose confidence in everything they thought was true. Anything and everything a man says now is just empty words.


She’s so much more beautiful than me, how can I have a chance?

Beauty is not defined by any one person. Everyone is beautiful although everyone looks different than each other. A woman does not realize this fact. She always calculates her worth compared to the other girl. Questions start forming in her head like why can’t I have those big, brown eyes? Why isn’t my hair as pretty as hers? She starts thinking of herself as a second choice. She looses every bit of confidence.


I am covered with flaws, how can I be beautiful?

There is no such thing as a flaw. It’s just how we perceive it. But women do not think like that. One pimple on the face, one dark circle under the eyes and a woman will go into deep depression. We notice other women’s unique points and comment on how beautifully they stand out, yet when it comes to ourselves, we lose all hope.


How can everyone be beautiful? Does this word have no real meaning?


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Women have stopped believing in the word €˜beautiful.’ Maybe that’s one reason which makes it so easy to think of themselves as ordinary? This word isn’t taken as a compliment anymore but instead is thought of as a pickup line. Women should understand nevertheless, that just because it’s being used often doesn’t make its meaning untrue.