I am addicted To You - Reasons West Coast girls are like no other 2

Reasons West Coast girls are like no other




Arguments about which coast is better, East or West, exist for as long as both of them are populated. Here in this article, we will provide reasons why West is the clear winner, and hopefully conclude this debate once and for all.


First and foremost, West coast has the weather.   That’s right, no one in their right mind can deny the perfect, warm and sunny weather west coast is constantly in. it hardly ever rains, winters are mild and not freezing, ad spring is wonderfully green. Beaches are always warm, and you can take a sweet swim even when your East coast friends send you texts how freezing it is on their end of the world.


West Coast gals know how to party. Sure, New York is filled with elitist rooftop parties but nowhere can you meet girls who can follow any boy shot for shot, and be able to continue pounding beers for the entirety of the night. Plus, no one has more sailboat and lake parties in the US.


While partying with Cali girls, you don’t need to worry about stuffy, elitist stuff. West Coast girl are chill and easy going, making the whole place a heaven for down to earth, unpretentious party scene. And there’s nothing more attractive than freedom to be you and chill all day and night without worrying about image.

Lastly, West Coast has some attractive outdoors, and everyone in general love to take advantage of it. You won’t find girls afraid to step outside camp and explore the wilderness. Hiking trails, rafting, just plain old sun soaking €“ all of that is pretty standard for West Coast.

West Coast girls have it all, chill attitude, passion about exploration and experimenting and and the ability to dress up and go all out when the time is right!