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Reasons We Get Wrinkles On Our Face


Gorgeous, clean and wrinkle-free skin is a desire of all women. Smooth, perfect skin greatly contributes to your good looks, and taking care of your skin is extremely important for general health. Sadly, a lot of things tend to harm our skin and it is very hard to maintain it, especially if you do not even know what is damaging it. Wrinkles especially are bothersome pests €“ and unfortunately for us, they are utterly inevitable. If you do inform yourself, you will be able to lessen the intensity of wrinkles, and make their presence hardly noticeable.



Sun harms our skin and exposure to it is the leading cause of wrinkles. We all love to spend lazy afternoons on the beach, sipping cocktails and reading thick books €“ but applying sunscreen is crucial here unless you want to look sixty when your get forty. Ultra Violet light is terrible for your skin, so never ever skimp out on sunblock cream.



Besides the numerous and obvious harmful effects of smoking, it also contributes to wrinkle formation on our face. Smoking reduces the blood supply to our face and so your aging process accelerates. There really is no other way to prevent this other than quitting the cigs altogether.



Food you eat affects uncountable processes in your body, and it is no surprise wrinkle creation is one of them. Processed food in particular as well as unhealthy oil-rich food is both increasing your weight and worsening the appearance of your face. Sugar induces a process in your face that causes the gluten to be less elastic, which in turn means you get more wrinkles. Avoid sugar and start eating more fruit and vegetables and see how your face gradually clears up!

By following these steps you will have a healthy and clean skin in no time.