Reasons politics should stay away from women’s bodies

Reasons politics should stay away from women’s bodies

American House of Representatives made a controversial decision to defund Planned Parenthood for the time duration of one whole year.


This atrocious decision proves that a group of people whose original purpose was to represent the population of an entire nation decided that it is under their jurisdiction to make decisions about female health and rights to make independent decisions when it comes to reproduction.


In other words, they just suddenly decided that women’s uteruses belong to them, and as such, they are viable to make decisions concerning them.  Reasons for this destructive decision, however, had no one’s best interest in mind but those of representatives themselves. House of Representatives is divided among two parties, and made this decision only to diminish conflict between President Obama and Republican Party representatives.


So in one feeble attempt to make a political play, House decided to stop funding the organization which, besides abortions, provided services such as cancer screenings, affordable birth control, STD testing, vaginal and urinary infection treatment and many others.


Sure, abortion is a controversial issue, just the kind of issue GOP likes to push on us to prove their pro-life stance and milk the general population for a few extra votes. In our opinion, and that of basic common sense, deciding what women do with their bodies is just about the most lowly and pitfall thing a representative can do.

Voting to cut down funding to an institution that provides cancer screening is a best way to showcase pro-life stance only to ignorant House of Representative members who care way more about keeping their behinds in comfortable seats then actual well-being of people they are supposedly working for.


Seeing how they decided to interfere in personal bodily issues of general population, their next bill should introduce mandatory depilation for men? At least that way hygiene would prosper just a tad bit.