3 Frequently Overlooked Reasons Obstructing Your Good Night Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is crucial for recharging our batteries and waking up ready to deal with our daily challenges. However, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to dive into the land of dreams as soon as our head touches the pillow.

All of us have at some point experienced what it feels like to spend hours turning and tossing in bed, unable to fall asleep. However, some of us deal with these hassles almost on a daily basis, unable to catch a good night sleep we’re so desperately longing for.

If you belong to this latter category, well, it’s about the time you start paying attention to some factors that you never knew can affect your good night’s sleep.

These are the 3 things preventing you from getting your good night sleep

1. Chocolate

Yes, we understand that it’s only a piece of dark chocolate that is actually quite healthy. However, the very dark chocolate, the one with 70% cocoa in it, has also a very high percent of caffeine – a 2-ounce piece of chocolate holds 79 mg of caffeine. That’s a pretty good reason to resist that sweet chunk of cocoa before going to bed.

Good Night Sleep

2. Phone

Even if you’re not looking at your phone and it’s just laying by your side (as we all like to say), your phone is still a source of stress that gets involved with your sleep. Just by knowing that it’s right next to you, you’ll be more tempted to check that vibrating message or awaken by some early bird because you forgot to switch the sound off.

Good Night Sleep

3. Toothpaste

While we admit that this might sound a bit funny, there are actually some researches suggesting that your toothpaste might be obstructing your good night’s sleep. The mint, that is a frequent ingredient in toothpaste, is shown to stimulate our brains and is, therefore, responsible for our delayed sleep.

Good Night Sleep