8 Intriguing Realities Of Sleeping Soundly Next To Your Dog

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Sleeping soundly next to your fluffy pet is better than waking up alone. And except for the unavoidable morning kiss from your four-legged household member and a loyal life companion, there are many other awesome reasons for sharing your bed with your dog.

However, if sleeping soundly next to your smelly friend doesn’t sound like a possible reality to you, you’re not alone – there are many of those who advise against sharing a bed with your dog.


Is sleeping soundly next to your dog really possible? Check Out the pros and cons of bed sharing

While sharing a bed with the hairiest household member is a common practice in many families that include a cuddly pet, many choose to keep their pets away from their bedroom. These are the 8 sleeping realities the dog owners are probably familiar with.


1- Dogs help you relax and relieve anxiety

If you have a problem falling asleep, you may be surprised to know that the rhythmic breathing of a dog helps some people relax and lull them to sleep.

Sleeping Soundly


2- Dogs are warm

If you already have a dog, you don’t need an electric blanket – the dogs’ temperature is about three to six degrees higher than ours and is, therefore, a great reason for snuggling up to your dog on a cold winter night.

Sleeping Soundly


3- Dogs make us feel safe

Having a dog by your side can also contribute to your sleep quality by providing you with the feelings of safety, trust and calm.

Sleeping Soundly


4- Co-sleeping makes dogs happy

The truth is – we’re simply suckers for giving our fluffy friends what they want. Allowing your pets to sleep on your bed makes them feel loved, accepted and secure.

Sleeping Soundly


5- Dogs can make the idea of sleeping soundly impossible

Well, they do demand quite some space.

Sleeping Soundly


6- Dogs in bed can aggravate asthma and allergies

If you’re prone to allergies or have asthma, it’s highly recommended that you get a HEPA air filter before letting your dog into your bedroom.

Sleeping Soundly


7- Dogs love to be in the middle

Before you let your dog in your bed, keep in mind that they just love to come in between you and your partner.

Sleeping Soundly


8- Dominance and territoriality issues

Dogs tend to (re)establish their dominance, so letting your dogs jump into your bed whenever they wish may contribute to the territoriality problems.

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