realistic doll faces

Realistic doll faces – amazing creation of Russian artist Michael Zajkov

Realistic doll faces of the Russian artist Michael Zajkov are so amazing that will give you chills all over your body!

Michael Zajkov is a young, south-Russian artist that graduated from Kuban State University of Russia in 2009. From the year 2010 until 2013 he worked in a puppet theater and he was attending a graduate school. After the “Art dolls” exposition in Moscow, he became very famous.

Realistic doll faces – the art of details and magic of realism

His creations are simply astonishing and made quite an impression during this exhibition. All of these realistic doll faces have eyes that are made of  German glass. The artist himself paints them by the hand. French mohair is a material he uses for their hair and polymer cley is the main material for the dolls.

It is almost unbelievable how realistic doll faces these dolls have! As if they are gonna scream or smile any moment you look at them. If you look into their eyes, you can see with how much devotion this young artist made them. You can almost feel that you can touch a real small person in front of you.

It is especially creepy when he holds their heads in his palm! It looks somehow bizarre  since these realistic doll faces look as if they are pretty much alive!

The famous international exhibition that is held every year in Moscow gathers the artists from 20 different countries around the world. If you happen to visit Russia some day, it is good to know that this country has a long tradition of doll art. In Moscow, you can visit some of the very well known places, The “Doll House” museum,  The Museum of Unique Dolls (Muzey Unikalnyh Kukol),  Doll Collection (Kukolnaya Kollektsiya),  Obraztsov Puppet Theatre and Museum,  Sergey Romanov’s Museum Collection and many, many more.

Russians are big doll fans and they have been known for their famous doll Matryoshka which is a part of their national identity and folklore. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful city and you love dolls, explore this site  

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of these incredible dolls in our gallery!