Real Life Women as Fitness Inspiration

Real Life Women as Fitness Inspiration

Starting to work out in order to get fit is one of the most of those decisions we often make, but hardly ever have will to actually turn into reality.  Luckily, there is no shortage of women who took the steps necessary and are now eager to share their experiences through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Sapna Vyas Patel is a Reebok certified fitness and weight loss expert. She decided change is what’s best for her when she weighted 83kg, and by hard work and dedication dropped to 53kg. She decided that there is no turning back for her and now posts advice on most social media platforms.  Shweta Rathore is here to tell us muscles are not only for men.  She is Miss World 2014 Fitness Physique winner and looks gorgeous with lean muscles and strong abs. When she is not busy wining international titles, Shweta aims to inspire and share her fitness knowledge.


Nidhi Mohan Kamalis a live proof that fitness can be pursued anywhere life takes you! She has amassed a lot of followers on Instagram, and enjoys showing her fans how to properly take care of their body with healthy eating and exercise.


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Second Shweta on our list, Shweta Mehta is in the software business professionally, but at the same time, she is a big fitness aficionado. Her facebook account is a cornucopia of educational work out videos and healthy food recipes.


By following these women on social media, you too can finally gather the willpower and inspiration to start properly taking care of your body, if that is something you desire to do. Often we need a little bit of support, and that is just what you will get when learning from posts and videos made by the very best!