I am addicted to you - 'Ray Donovan' Redux Finale Recap 2×12 – The Captain 4

Ray Donovan Finale

Ray Donovan Finale

This is it. The finale. You’ve been holding up to see who shoots whom and if Bunchy is a pedophile. All things considered, here we go.

Ray is simply escaping from jail. That was really simple considering he attacked a senior national before five cops however hey, its Ray. Lena’s there to meet him. Terry got locked up for armed burglary and they’re holding him on $50k bail. Lena attempted to get him out however Terry denied the cash. It’s nothing unexpected that Terry is being troublesome.

Since Shorty exploded himself Mickey and Daryll must bust the stolen safe from the cannabis dispensary out in a field with a buzz saw and a heavy hammer. It’s open! Where’s the cash? There’s just twenty thousand. The security watchman told Keith reality when he said the cash had been grabbed. What to do next? How about we pass by Alan and Claudette’s home in Palm Springs to say howdy. Daryll doesn’t care for the thought however Mickey demands he owes Alan a statement of regret for stirring something up at that Hollywood party. Awesome, Mickey needs to apologize. He’s similar to another man.

I am addicted to you - Ray Donovan Finale

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Ray tries to salvage Terry himself by going by him in prison. Won’t happen. Terry feels that he did something incorrectly and should be rebuffed. So Terry declines to take the bail or acknowledge Ray’s assistance yet he will run a money laundering operation and rob a therapeutic maryjane dispensary for some moving-to-Ireland cash so his wedded with-kids girlfriend can jettison her family to leave the nation with him.

Still, Ray demands that Terry take the bail cash on the grounds that Mickey was to be faulted for getting him completely turned inside out in the theft and Ray includes, “You’re a decent man.” Terry resentfully reacts with, “What the hell do you think about being a decent man, Raymond.” Terry is about as amiable as the minister Ray killed.