Rainbow Water marble nails

Rainbow water marble nails for a super cool, fantastic look

Well, girls, this is what I call breathtaking! And you will too when you see the tutorial for amazing rainbow water marble nails that we prepared for you! This is really something unique! It requires a little bit of work, but it’s worth it, believe me! The results are astonishing!

Rainbow water marble nails for making an impression

This style is really there to impress! These nails look so amazing that I am sure you will get the “wow” effect. It’s not the easiest style but when you look at the end result, you will just adore them!

We prepared for you even two tutorials  because we simply couldn’t decide which nails are more beautiful! They are pretty similar, yet the print is slightly different. Whatever style that you choose, you will get the astonishing nails.

The first tutorial is made for shorter nails. As you will see in the tutorial, you will start with white color. Then, you will apply  other six colors using a small piece of sponge and gently applying on your nail one color below the other. And then, it comes the interesting part! In one cup, pour the water and then add only a drop of nail polish(black and white color, one drop at a time).

You will see how the colors form circles. When you are done, use a toothpick  and make the patterns that you like. The author of the tutorial made a beautiful floral pattern. Then, soak the nails in and pick up the pattern that you created. You should protect your fingers with a tape, so you’ll have less to clean afterward. How you can do this you can see in the second tutorial.

We just really, really couldn’t decide what nails are more fantastic! So, girls, I know that you like to experiment and these rainbow water marble nails are just perfect style to try!