I am addicted to you - Rafael Nadal Event NYC 13

Rafael Nadal Event NYC

I just got back from NYC in the wake of spending a couple of days there for the Tommy Hilfiger x Rafael Nadal competition event. I need to let you know guys about it! The event commended the launch of Rafael Nadal’s new underwear and aroma line in association with Tommy. Really impeccable match if you ask me! ???? When I arrived to New York, I got the opportunity to visit the Tommy Hilfiger store on fifth and pick a charming outfit for the tennis tournament. There were such a large number of charming things that I finally narrowed it down to three styles which you all helped me decide on IG which one to wear!



Soon thereafter, I got together with alternate influencers for a game of table tennis at Spin NYC (Tommy style obviously!) Afterwards we went to a really nice intimate dinner at Sixty Soho. I cherished the charming name plates they made with tennis balls. So imaginative! The food was also truly awesome.

On the day of the event, it was such an excellent day despite the fact that the sun was beaming hot! We got the opportunity to take a group of pictures before the event began which was a lot of fun.



It felt like I was at a really tennis match. The thought behind the match was “tennis with a twist”, which included celebrities and models, for example, Chanel Iman, Hannah Davis, Arthur Kurkov and many more who went head-to-head with the tennis champ himself in a strip tennis game. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true I said strip!!!



Everybody playing was wearing Tommy tennis outfits that truly made me need to be a tennis player one day. The event’s reporters were Jane Lynch and Lake Bell who made an extraordinary job keeping the crowd entertained. Nadal played in his suit the whole time, however everybody was trusting he would need to strip down to his undies! That clearly didn’t happen on the grounds that he beat everybody, except he did take his shirt off.


I can’t neglect to say my part for the event! I got the opportunity to catch the greater part of the action LIVE by making over the Tommy Hilfiger Periscope account. Best job ever!? In case you’re not familiar with Periscope it’s a live streaming application that gives you a chance to unite and interface with audiences in any minute. The highlight for me was seeing Nadal come over in the wake of walking the red carpet and waving hi to the majority of his fans on Periscope! It was the cutest thing ever. I almost dropped the telephone.