Nails In Just A Few Steps!

Quilted nails tutorial – amazing nails in just a few steps!

Well, girls, we brought you again one of easy tutorials for maximal effects – quilted nails tutorial!

This one is a little bit different, because it requires somewhat precise hands. But with a little practice, you will be super trendy and you can do it all by yourself! In a few easy steps you will have glamorous nails.

Quilted nails – only a few steps away

The items that you need for these super trendy nails are: the nail polish of your choice, matte top cout, gold glitters set and a floss pick. Begin by painting your first color polish. For nice effect you will have to put two coat layers of polish and then add your matte top cout. Afterwards, let your nails dry for five to seven minutes.

The nails shouldn’t dry completely. When they are slightly dried but still able to dent, use your floss pick and gently press the diagonal line. You shouldn’t be pressing to hard and try that every next line be parallel to the first one. Use the same technique to make the lines that go in the opposite direction. You will create a diamond shape on your nails.

Now, you are ready to do the quilting. Use your dotting tool or the tip of the bobby pin and apply some clear polish on the corners of your quilting. Do only a few corners at a time so the polish doesn’t dry too quickly. With the end of a small brush or a tooth pick, pick the individual glitters and apply them on the top of a clear nail polish.

Repeat for every nail and you are finished! This quilted nails look really glamorous and chic. This design would be perfect for a cocktail party or a dinner with some elegant clothing! These little glitters will bring a tone of style and classic elegance!

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