Products That Let You Cancel On Your Colorist




When there’s no time for a salon visit

It’s overwhelming when you walk into your favorite department store and immediately is inundated by hundreds of beauty products. So here are the top products in every category based on scientific data culled out from magazines, blogs, department stores and social media all of which help in raking products according to efficacy, popularity and buzz. With these five game changing cover up product, no one will even know you have not seen your colorist in three months.



Grey free this is a beauty editor favorite for its precise mascara wand which provides full matte coverage. For the most natural look, one should opt for a shade lighter than you natural color.



Roux touch up stick that goes on just like your favorite lipstick. It also washes out easily with your everyday shampoo.it blends in flawlessly to gray and white and comes in eight different shades.



Oribe air brush root which is a favorite for those who are always on the go. Always carry the slim wand in your bag and whip it out every time you need a quick fix. This product also doubles as a mini dry shampoo and an addictive hair perfume. Rita Hazan root concealer which is a special spray tip that helps target exactly what needs to be covered up. It also dries up fast and stay put until your next shampoo.



Color wow root over up which has light reflecting particles which makes the product the most beloved of all the other products. Use a brush on the cover up and viola and this will keep you looking stylish for a few weeks before you see a stylist.