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Procedures for instant skin cleansing


Fact of life is €“ skin does not get healthier with age. Luckily there are ways, means and yes, cosmetic products which can help us nourish our skin so that it may look healthy and attractive even when we reach  Cellulite affect vast majority of women. That is why many attend spinning classes and pilates, but cellulite is not beatable that easily. Cellfina Is a new low tech option that will eliminate even the deepest dimples in one sweep. For it to work a doctor has to isolate each and every dimple with a handpiece, numb the area with the appropriate agent and insert a thin blade a little bit beneath the skin’s surface. Up to 50 dimples are completely eliminated in only one visit to the doctor’s office. Another great option is Cellulaze, which is a more recent invention. Unlike Cellfina which uses blades, this procedure uses internal laser probes to disrupt the bands. Still blades proved to be more effective sine they completely annihilate the bands, making dimples a thing of the past.


Kybella fat melting body shots are another good solution. This FDA approved product works by injecting a fat melting solution once every four weeks. When injected,   Kybella’s active ingredient, deoxycholic acid €“ the same substance our body uses to break down fat. According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner from New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Kybella opens up the door toward localized fat melting in other areas. It is safe, effective and fast.


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Third solution is Exilis Elite. This decide uses heat tissue using radio waves that spark collagen growth, shrinking loose skin gained from weight loss by doing that. This is an ideal solution if you do not like either surgical operations or weekly injection shots. All this device does is provide a soothing warm sensation on your skin.