3 Foods You’re Probably Mistaking For Weight Gain Foods

Weight gain foods are bad. Weight gain foods should not exist. Wait, seriously?

We’re living in a world that is obsessed with losing weight. Even if all the extra weight one has is not heavier than a gram or two. Instead of focusing on transforming our eating habits that are the actual culprit behind our weight gain and poor health or low body performance, into the healthy ones, many of us get obsessed with avoiding supposedly weight gain foods hoping to magically lose weight in no time.

The key to an optimal weight and a healthy life is quite simple – it’s all about a wisely balanced diet.


Check out the foods you’re most likely mistaking for the weight gain foods


1- Rice, Pasta, Potatoes

When someone mentions weight gain foods, everyone points their finger at carbohydrates, accusingly. The truth is – they’re not that bad. Potatoes are full of potassium – with one baked potato containing more potassium than a pair of bananas. They’re also rich in fiber, keep you full longer and help to keep food moving through the digestive system. Other carb sources, like brown rice and whole-wheat pasta, are also full of fiber and can raise serotonin levels in your blood, boosting your mood and making you less prone to stress eating.

Weight Gain Foods



2- Fruits

If you’re looking to cut out sugar from your diet, you’re looking at the wrong food group. An average orange, or an apple, contains only about 15 gr of sugar – which equals the amount found in one cup of milk. However, take it easy with those smoothies and late-night snacks.

Weight Gain Foods



3- Cheese

While we agree that nachos and cheeseburgers are probably not the best diet options, a couple of slices of cheese can fit perfectly into a healthy diet and, thanks to the high protein level, help build your muscles.

Weight Gain Foods