3 Primal Fashion Essentials You Should Always Buy On Sale

Some of the primal fashion essentials that we can’t live without really don’t need to carry the expensive tags or famous names, if you think about it. Although most of us dream of pricey clothing and love to see designers’ clothes in our wardrobe, some of the most primal fashion essentials can be equally comfortable and chic as their more famous counterparts – just less expensive.

And while we all agree that some items really do deserve a higher price tag (an outstanding handbag or an exquisite pair of heels), there are some primal fashion essentials that you should spend on as little as possible.


Aim to stock up on these primal fashion essentials on the cheap whenever you have a chance


1- T-Shirts

Good old T-Shirts are probably the most represented clothing item in your closet – and we can’t blame you. Comfortable and stylish, they are a perfect choice for any daily outfit combination. However, because of such frequent use, they are more prone to stains, spills and discoloration and spending pots of money on them doesn’t make too much sense. Also, think about how many times you wore a T-shirt merely as a layering piece, not even visible under many other pieces.

Primal Fashion Essentials


2- Trendy sunglasses

There are two important reasons why you shouldn’t spend tons of money on your sunglasses – they frequently get lost or left behind and it’s super easy to get bored of them considering that you wear them almost on a daily basis. With new trends in eyewear coming every season – do you really want to be stuck with one (overly expensive) pair?

Primal Fashion Essentials


3- Ballet flats

This type of shoes lacks a thick sole and a material that can justify a high price by providing it a long term life in your closet. The sad truth is, while they’re very fashionable and fit perfectly into almost any outfit, they get destroyed quickly no matter the price and should be replaced.

Primal Fashion Essentials