incredibly chill houseplants

3 Pretty And Incredibly Chill Houseplants That Thrive On Neglect

Forgot to water your houseplants? Fantastic! These incredibly chill houseplants don’t fancy too much water, and yet they will make your home green and lovely, and your visitors green with envy.

If the greenery and decorative oxygen production make you happy and if you want the inside of your home to get the airy feel of the outside, fill it with some of these incredibly chill houseplants and enjoy the botanic transformation of your home. Don’t worry if you travel a lot, you don’t need to bother your neighbor to water your plants nor carry your green leafy little friend around the world with you. All these beautiful, incredibly chill houseplants on our list are high-reward, low maintenance and are almost guaranteed to survive even the most untalented plant caretakers.


Incredibly chill houseplants to decorate your home with


1- Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Despite its complicated name, the maintenance of this beautiful shiny plant, so lovely that is frequently mistaken for a plastic one, is not complicated at all. On the contrary, all it needs is a dark little corner and some water every 10 to 20 days on average.

incredibly chill houseplants


2- Silver Philodendron

If you’re looking to add some boho/jungle vibe to your living space, but simply don’t have enough space to accommodate a giant floor plant, consider this beautiful Silver Philodendron with its heart-shaped leaves. This climbing vine with iridescent glow can grow more than 10 feet, and if supported with small nails, it can beautifully frame your windows and walls. It requires low or medium light and minimal watering – every 5 to 10 days. If you’re overwatering it, take the leaves-turning-yellow as a warning signal. Brownish leaves are the sign of lack of water.

incredibly chill houseplants


3- Sansevieria

This archaic plant can tolerate full to partial sun and is a great choice for tight spaces. Needless to say, it hates pampering.

incredibly chill houseplants