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4 precious rules for a first date – guidelines for success

A first date can be a delightful yet intimidating thing! You know you like the guy or the girl you are going on a date with, but there are so many things that you can get nervous about!

And it’s all about impression! People sometimes try too hard and pretend to be something they actually are not. It brings so much confusion and headache, not to mention pain of a broken heart! So, we bring you some of the precious rules for first date! Or, in other words, how not to mess up your love life! Here they are!

Precious rules for a first date – how not to make your love life miserable


1. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not

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It seems obvious enough, but many of us fall into a trap of wanting to create a better image of ourselves! There is nothing wrong with the fact that you want to leave the best possible impression! But, if you intentionally build a totally different version of yourself, than you’ve got a problem! Sooner or later, your date will find out that you don’t like opera, for instance, or you are just not that much into horror movies.

The best tip here is: be yourself! In that way, people would know what to expect from you and you can do things with your date that you really love!


2. Don’t lie

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This doesn’t mean that you should reveal every intimate detail of your life on a first date, but it certainly means that you should be generally truthful to the person you are dating. Lies are not the good way to start a relationship and the bad thing about them, they always tend to be discovered!


3. Keep your conversation positive

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Every person may have a bad day at work or a rough week, but it’s important not to bring your worries or rage at your first date. It suppose to be fun and not clouded with bad feelings and negative energy! So, leave your worries at home and try to be in a good mood!


4. Flirt

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It is all about getting someone you like to be interested! It is a game form the beggining of times, a play between a man and a woman! So, if you want your first date to turn into a second, spice it up a little bit!

We hope that we helped you a little bit! Good luck on your fist date!