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Powerball Winning Numbers (04 08 19 27 34 -10) Push The Record-Breaking Amount Even Higher Than 1.5 Billion Dollars

The Powerball Winning Numbers for Wednesday night are (04 08 19 27 34 -10).

The estimated Powerball winning numbers are worth around $1.5 billion dollars. The record-breaking amount will go higher than 2 billion if no one wins tonight.

Let us see at some of the maths issues here and the probability of having Powerball Winning Numbers! Although, we have high hopes that our ticket will win the prize, maybe we should look at how lucky we can actually be! The math statistic is brutal, folks!

The chance of winning is one to 292 million! This would be the same as the odds that you flip a coin on the same side 28 times in a row. There has been a change in Powerball lottery system since the October that brought the changes and the odds of having the Powerball Winning Numbers on your ticket.

The number of white balls increased from 59 to 69 and the number of red balls actually decreased from 35 to 26. These changes made the winning even harder, because,  before implementation of these new rules, your chances of winning were one to 175 million and after the changes, one to 292 million.

The data tells that every second 271 tickets are bought, 16 thousand  tickets every minute and one million tickets every hour.

Before you get to excited with the idea of having this ticket with the Powerball Winning Numbers, let us see how much money do you actually get after the taxes and everything else. On this Powerball win you have to pay about 40 percent on federal taxes and IRS gets another 25 to 28 percent due to the fact that you got reach by gambling.

So, if you have your Powerball Winning Numbers on a ticket, and you don’t want this sum paid out over 30 years, then you will receive around 900 million dollars on which you have to pay the taxes! After every tax burden out there, you may only bring home around 400 million dollars!

These are, of course, rough numbers, but you now have the idea of how much you could win. And, to be honest, 400 million dollars is a true luck! Besides becoming a millionaire over night, you could be happy by knowing that you bit the statistics!

You were the one out of 292 million possibilities! How great is that!


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