Powerball Lottery  What Should You Do If You Win 1.5 Billion

Powerball Lottery- what should you do if you win 1.5 billion?

Powerball Lottery winning ticket! Your dream came true!  What now? You are incredibly happy, excited, still not believing that this could have happened to you! Rubbing your eyes and pinching your chicks, but yes, you are the lucky winner, you are the one!  And now it’s the time to be the wisest version of yourself ever! That pile of money just luring you to spend it on your wildest dreams must be taken with caution!  You do want a good life to last long, don’t you? So, if you are that happiest man or woman on Earth, before indulging yourself in luxury and happiness of not worrying about anything anymore, here is a piece of advice from the experts.

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Stay anonymous

The states have different rules concerning whether the winner is allowed to stay anonymous or not! If there is a possibility  not to reveal your identity, take it! The experts say that Powerball Lottery winners have serious troubles ranging from possibility to be robbed or to be the victims of violent crimes. If the state you are living in, has no option of staying anonymous, there are different ways not to reveal your name. You can register the LLC company or non-profit organization that can protect you from revealing who you are.


Hire a financial management team

With that pile of money, you will certainly need one! Before you decide which company you will hire, make a background check on them and make sure that their fees are clear to you, so there are no negative surprises after you sign a contract. You will also need a certified accountant. This team will be your best advisor support for financial things and for taxes.


Consider hiring a tax attorney

Yes, we know this saying that the only two things that one must do are:  1)to pay taxes and 2) die! When it comes to what you will actually receive after the whole sum of taxes gets deducted from your win, you may suddenly realise the sad fact that you will get only about the third of what you won. The rest goes to the federal taxes (around 40 percent) and subsequently IRS will take a part of the cake (about 25 to 28 percent, because, hey, you got rich by gambling! ). So, employing a tax attorney is not a bad idea, isn’t it?


Spend wisely

Oh, here comes the tough part of everything! Money is a tricky thing! One day you are showering in it and the next day it’s gone! Be wise as you have never been so wise before! The experts say that 44 percent of the winners spend the whole sum in the first 5 years of winning!

Be prudent, let the things cool down and then consider what will you do. The advice is: don’t do anything for the first six months or even a year! And don’t imagine yourself to be a grand investor when you win – the true reality, you are not. You haven’t been before winning the Powerball Lottery nor will you be after. Maybe it’s better to put in the bank and live comfortably ever after!


Don’t think the winning of Powerball Lottery will make you absolutely happy

Yes, it’s money, everything is easier with it, but it’s not happiness! Maybe the same emotional problems will wait for you. Some of your problems will be solved. However, do not attach your feeling of happiness to the material things.


Be smart with your cousins

We know, now it’s the time for you to see how many cousins you actually have! For some of them, you wouldn’t know they even existed before, some of them you knew well.

And the probability that they will eventually show, asking for money, is high! But remember one thing, it is ok to say no. And it will be ok in one point of time to help someone in need. You just need to be careful, that’s all! Be wise, be smart!


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

At the end, when all the precautionary measures have been taken, just enjoy that enormous luck to be the Powerball Lottery winner! The chances for you becoming the winner were 1 to 292 million! Be happy, you beat the statistics, you were the one out of 292 million!

Those were the tips for you if you won the Powerball Lottery ticket of 1.5 billion!