Polka dot dresses - adorable vintage look

Polka dot dresses for a touch of vintage times

Girls, are you up for a romantic, vintage look? Polka dot dresses are the perfect pieces for glamorous and chic vintage looks. This beautiful style dates back to 1920s and it was quite popular between 1920s and 1960s.

In 1928, polka dot dresses had their moment on cinema screens when Mini Mouse, the famous Disney studio character, appeared in “Steamboat Willie” wearing dotted skirt.

Modern polka dot dresses gained popularity with Christian Dior’s New Look line in 1947., although polka dotted print was known as early as the mid 1800. Many famous designers, Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin and Fath, introduced the dotted print into their fashion collection in the fifties. And the polka dot dresses were there to stay! We think that this amazing style will be trendy for many, many years ahead.

Polka dot dresses – chic for every occasion

There is something so irresistible about these dresses! We can’t decide whether it is a touch of incredible vintage time or just cuteness of these dresses. Anyway, if you decide to find some polka for you, you must think of the rest of your outfit details. Polka dot dress is a unique piece of clothing and it requires a careful matching with other pieces.

Whatever you choose, the tip is to avoid any additional prints and go for plain colors, especially with your shoes. Polka dot dresses are easily transformed into different fabulous combinations. If you want classic and elegant style, black heels will be perfect. For a casual look, some nice boots will do the right magic!

As you will see in the gallery, Katy Perry made a super cool combination adding a simple red flower to her polka dot dress. Kate Middleton, the royal fashion icon, proved that this style is far away of being out of fashion.

Indeed, there are few fashion styles that lasted that long! It has been almost a  century and these beautiful dresses are still trendy! So, go pick your own polka dot dress for that fabulous, vintage look!