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Poisonous Beauty Products Which Many Still Use

Do you know how many poisonous beauty products are there on the market?

In a search for beauty products which will make sure our skin stays soft and young, many women, and men too, use products they don’t know much about. It is well known that through the history, many bizarre things were done for the sake of beauty and youth. Today, most people don’t have the money for plastic surgeries, which is not always the smartest idea anyway, because if you don’t pick a great specialist, you can end up looking 10 times worse than before. Those with a tight budget buy different beauty products or use some less expensive methods to remain beautiful. And the problem is that they don’t check these products. Many products contain unhealthy substances. In fact, most of them have at least one. However, there are also those that are not only unhealthy – because, what does it even mean unhealthy? Eating sugar is unhealthy. But it won’t poison your body. We are talking about very unhealthy products, poison-level of unhealthiness. These poisonous beauty products have been used in the past, and unfortunately, are being used today too.


Here is the list of  the 5 poisonous beauty products


1- Red lipstick

This is the product that every woman has. It is probably the main thing in every single cosmetic bag. It contains lead, which over time builds up in a body, and causes many health issues. Even though it is said that today all the necessary tests are done to ensure our safety, we can never be 100% positive.

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2- Lash-Lure

A huge innovation in 1930’s was Lash-Lure which was very popular because it guaranteed permanent lash coloring. However, this product contained a huge amount of analine in dyes. In fact, the amount was 30 times bigger than in other products. We don’t even have to say that many injuries were reported, even one case of death.

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3- Sew-in lash extensions

Having long lashes is a trend that started in the late 1800’s. Back then, a revolutionary procedure was praised, and it promised permanently long lashes on one’s face. The big plus of the procedure was, of course, the fact that it was a fast and painless procedure. Of course, women were very interested and many underwent this procedure. However, what a so-called lash-expert was actually doing was putting a single strand of hair through the needle and sewing it into the customer’s eyelid. This procedure didn’t cause any death, but it surely caused many infections and severe disfiguring.

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4- Belladonna leaves

These leaves are taken from a very toxic nightshade plant. This plant is not just toxic, it is also deadly. The plant was named Belladonna by the 16th century Italians, and the name meant ‘a beautiful woman’. Quite an innocent name for such a deadly drug. Back then, it was believed that enlarged pupils were attractive, giving a feminine and innocent look. Women have been crushing the leaves to create an eye drop and then they would put it in the eye. Because of this product, many women got blind. The others had serious vision issues, fever, and some even suffered from dehydration.

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5- Radium cosmetics

Shortly after radium spa and radium face treatments, showed up the radium cosmetics. A popular brand came out and it was a company based in Paris, called €œTho Radio €. They had a whole line of radium-laden cosmetics. To achieve that shiny, youthful look faster, people used to apply many poisonous beauty products, even the deadly radium cosmetics. Thankfully, today, the shimmer powder is quite enough to achieve this €œglow €.

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In conclusion, it is important to say that you must read what products contain and do some research about individual substances. Many people have allergies, so reading the list of substances is actually a must. Of course, it would be best if you could start to use natural products for your skin. You can even do them at home. It is enough to use just oils if you don’t have time or will to experiment. Or you can visit a store which sells natural products and there you will find everything needed for your type of skin. It is important to keep our health not only on the inside but outside too. Many products made of chemicals can cause serious, and even permanent damage to your skin. Therefore, choose wisely and carefully.