I am addicted to you -PJ DRESS 7


The configuration and look of this linen dress is very simple, so I wanted to spruce up a little bit with high heels and some accessories. And otherwise my bae probably would have thought that it is a PJ DRESS






This look made me think of my mom and that she would love it, because in the 70’s she wore midi-dresses a lot. But since my mom has zero technical experience, she is opposed to use a smartphone or the net (no, you can’t delete your computer or the whole WWW with only one click) and lives in a differant city I can’t show her   today’s blog post. But luckily €“ if you read this post now €“ you guys seem to have technical abilities and read my blog too. And I would be very fortunate to hear your thoughts in the comment box below. Do you like this dress and the way I’ve made it look? Did you notice my circle earrings? They remind me of J-Lo and SATC .