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engagement ring according to Zodiac

Pick the right engagement ring based on your zodiac sign!

The right engagement ring must be an item you will want to wear on all occasions, on every day of your life. It must be a symbol of the important thing in life – your love, and should have a power of making you feel better just by laying your eyes on it.

Therefore, the right engagement ring must be beautiful, beautiful as love. However, beauty is not all to it. It should carry a touch of you, something personal, something that connects it to you as its owner and reflects your inner self.

But how to add your ring some of your essence and make it distinctive? The answer is simple – choose the right engagement ring according to your own zodiac sign – that reveals some of your character traits and shapes your tendencies in taste and style. Take a look at our list and find the right engagement ring.


Perfect engagement ring according to Zodiac sign



engagement ring

The people of this sign are confident, bold and extremely active. The right ring for you is the one that feels comfortable and is not too big. Hence, we think this bold red diamond ring would fit you perfectly.

The Ring: 5mm Ruby Gemstone and .50ctw Diamond 3-Stone Trellis Ring in Platinum VS G-H , Diamond vawe($2.849,00)



engagement ring according to Zodiac sign

As a Taurus, you are crazy about textures and even more the colors that wake up a sensual romantic in you, for  example,  pastel pink. You’re going to love this one.

The Ring: Tiffany Soleste Cushion White Diamond Ring ($18,100)



engagement ring

Everything about a Gemini is in constant change and your style can’t be easily defined because you don’t want to limit yourself to one style. You love to play and you love surprises, so anything that’s unexpected and beautiful, works for you.

The Ring: Fine Jewelry Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring ($1,225)



engagement ring according to Zodiac

The right engagement ring for a Cancer, the eternal classicist, might just be this one, carrying an elegant shiny pearl.

The Ring: Kataoka Diamond Framed Pearl Ring ($3,600)



engagement ring according to Zodiac sign

Someone bright and loud as a Leo needs a ring that responds to its personality and steals attention wherever they show up.

The Ring: Ashu Malpani Icy Yellow Diamond Ring ($5,300)



engagement ring according to Zodiac sign

Virgos are famous for paying attention to detail. This delicate, however,  practical  piece is the right one for you.

The Ring: Bulgari 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring ($14,500)



engagement ring according to Zodiac sign

You love blue and there’s no denying in it. The sapphire is your stone.

The Ring: Allurez Infinity Diamond and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring ($1,600)



engagement ring according to Zodiac sign

Everything about a Scorpio is intense, so should be your engagement ring. You might want to think about rubies and dark, passionate colors, for example, black or red.

The Ring: Harley Quinn Ring Ruby and Black Diamond Ring Batman Ring Joker Ring Engagement Wedding Ring Comic Book Wedding DC Comics Villain Ring




engagement ring

Adventurous and embracing changes, you love everything that has interesting shape or shade. Purple is your color and it definitely looks lovely on this unique ring.




engagement ring according to Zodiac

Sophisticated Capricorn appreciates elegant and traditional craftsmanship.

The Ring: Neiman Marcus 18K White Gold Square-Shape Diamond Ring ($6,750)



engagement ring according to Zodiac

What another color can belong to the water sign than blue? This gorgeous ring goes with your rather independent spirit.

The Ring: Mociun Turquoise and Black Diamond Fringe Ring ($3,450)



engagement ring according to Zodiac

A fish needs an ocean to be lost in. We can’t imagine a better-suited ring for you.

The Ring: De Beers Caress Pink Gold Solitaire Ring ($14,200)