I am addicted to you - Photos of Ballerinas in Wedding Dresses 6

Photos of Ballerinas in Wedding Dresses


At the point when a 13-year-old trying ballet performer named Sarah needed to design her room walls with photos of present day dancers, she requested that her guardians help her track down pictures, which propelled a fairly extensive search.


“We acquired books, calendars, and different photographs and to our disappointment were not able to discover pictures of the current dancers that Sarah respected,” her mom, Deborah Ory, told Gramilano. There were delightful pictures of well known dancers from past eras, for example, Baryshnikov or Markova, taken over 40 years back €”however nothing of the present stars.”


So Deborah €”a previous dancer turned photographic artist/photograph editorial manager €”and her fashion photographer spouse, Ken Browar, propelled the New York City Dance Project, embarking to take those photos themselves. After eighteen months, the subsequent pictures, which the couple stage in shoot in their home studio space (a.k.a. their living room) in Brooklyn, are nothing short of breathtaking.


Obviously we’re most captivated by the dancers who are jumping, jete-ing, notwithstanding sitting extraordinarily still, in wedding dresses by New York City designer Leanne Marshall, who has both marriage and ready-to-wear lines. Any other person all of a sudden inspired to take a barre class?