pet criminals

Pet criminals – the cutest misbehaved ever

Oooh, those little pet criminals, cute fluffy fear balls that make us angry but at the same time make us laugh!

I have a dog name Bela, a little adorable mixed breed  that I took from a shelter and I remember her ‘agricultural hobby’ when she was a puppy. You know that moment when you enter your living room and there is a soil from your flowerpot all over the floor?  No? Well, that regularly happened to me!

I think she was the busiest decorator of my home ever! And she was a volunteer! I was finding pieces of my books everywhere, my trash can upside down, my flowers which suddenly started to move around my room… Oooh, those were the days!

All of us pet owners know how our precious little fur balls can turn into devious  pet criminals always ready for action! Many people share these days their stories of their misbehaved pets! The stories with imaginary conversations and messages went viral with new versions every day.

I found myself even happy because my Bela sparred my door at least! Although she ate my slippers, my couch and my favorite book that I was planning to read for weeks! Not to mention the little smelly gifts all over the place and cleaning at 2 am in the morning. Those were some rough memories!

Pet criminals caught on action

We made you a photo gallery full of adventures of fury pet criminals and their “crimes”. You will see some religious species who love Bible so much that they had to digest it, or housewives pet criminals who take care of the socks. There are, of course, members of a waste-management unit which job never ends. They will take care of every trash can that you have, you don’t have to worry about it!

Enjoy the mischiefs of these cute pet criminals and send us photos if you too have some little villain in the home of your own! Be part of the pet criminals owners community!