Perfect Eyeliner Tips For Your Eye Shape

Perfect Eyeliner Tips For Your Eye Shape

The eyeliner has turned into an essential instrument for any woman who wants to highlight her look. But be careful, the fact that you like a way of delineating your eyes, it doesn ´t mean you look good with it. Here, we will give you some advices on how to delineate your eyes in order to obtain a striking look.

If you feel frustrated for not obtaining the perfect line, these simple tricks will help you to obtain a perfect look that really is right for you.

Almond   shaped eyes

The girls who have almond eyes are very lucky because they can choose the line they want for her eyes. We recommend the eye cat look because it will accentuate your look on a magnificent way. Start drawing a thin line inside your eyes and increase the thickness in the exteriors.


Round eyes

For the round eyes, extend the line in the corners a bit more. Also add thickness in the corners to obtain a square top.


Fallen eyes

For this type of eye, the line must be simple enough. If you want, apply eyeliner in your low eyelids and do not delineate the water mark.


Downturned eyes

Don ´t choose the eye cat look. Do a rapid line in the corners of your eyes. Blur in order that itremains better and delineate the water line.


Small eyes

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In spite of the fact that many tricks exist for this type of eyes, it is difficult enough to delineate them. Use eyeshadow in order that your eyes seem bigger. Illuminate  the corners of your eyes and you will obtain an ideal look.


Big eyes

If you do not like to have big eyes, draw a few bulky lines to achieve that they seem smaller. The smoked one can help enough. Do not mark yourwaterline and do not use clear eyeshadows.


Wide Set Eyes

Draw dark outlines in order that it seems that your eyes are more united.


Close Set Eyes

Illuminate your interior corners, do not delineate the water mark,   start drawing the line in the center of your eyes and add thickness in the exterior corners. You will obtain a perfect look.


Asymmetrical Eyes

To balance your eyes isn ´t easy. The better  thing is to combine different types of outlines to manage to be perfect.