8 Quick And Easy Steps To A Perfect Daily Makeup Routine

We’re bringing you an easy daily makeup routine that will fit into your busy schedule and leave you looking flawless.

Here’s the perfect daily makeup routine in 8 quick steps

Step 1: Moisturize and conceal the imperfections

Start your daily makeup routine with cleaning your skin well and applying a moisturizer that contains SPF to hydrate and smooth your skin. Once the cream is absorbed, use a creamy concealer that matches the tone of your skin where you need it (under eyes, over spots). You can do that by applying little stripes using a pointed concealer brush and then blend them in with your finger.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 2: Primer

Adding a light foundation primer will make your foundation last longer.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 3: Foundation

If your skin is already flawless and free of imperfections like freckles, discoloration, blemishes, skip the foundation and use a tinted moisturizer instead. It will add a little color without unnecessary weight. However, if you want to use a foundation, make sure you choose the right shade – the one that matches your natural skin tone the best.

For glowing, even skin, mix a small amount of illuminator with the foundation and apply it with a foundation brush, making sure you don’t skip the jawline, ears and the areas around your eyes and down the neck.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 4: Blush

For the beautiful glow effect, ditch brushes and powder and use the cream blush instead. Apply it to your cheek apples and blend it with your finger temples.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 5: Glitter eye base

Adding a glitter cream shadow to your daily makeup routine will provide you with a pro eye makeup look. Apply it from the lashes to the eyebrow bones using your finger.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 6: Eye shadow

Bronze or gold cream shadow will add some depth to your eyes. Apply it with a flat brush and use your fingers to scatter it down the lids avoiding eyebrows, until it blends in. To make your eyes look bigger, add some shadow to the centers of the lids and run your finger or a small brush over it a little. Use a matching powder eyes shadow to set the cream and it all budge-proof.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 7: Add definition

For a more intensive look, rim the upper lash lines using a brown liner pencil and smudging it upward with a shadow brush. Use the same powder eyes shadow from the previous step and finish off with mascara on top and bottom. If your eyebrows are not full, brush the hairs up and lightly fill them with a pencil.

Daily Makeup Routine


Step 8: Lips

Add your favorite lip balm or a lipstick (or both) and your daily makeup routine is done and looking perfect.

Daily Makeup Routine