Cat Eye Makeup

3 Easy Steps To A Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

Cat eye makeup is one dramatic, however, incredibly stylish way to upgrade your makeup routine. Not only does it provide you with a sexy look that can be worn every day and on every occasion, but it also uplifts your eyes and makes them look wider and larger.

However, nailing the perfect cat eye makeup isn’t really a piece of cake, but to help you out a little, we’re bringing you 3 steps to make your makeup journey smoother and easier.

Follow these 3 easy steps to get a flawless cat eye makeup look

Your first step in creating a perfect cat eye makeup is to apply a base. Choose an eye shadow with the lightest color and blend it from the lash line upward to the brow bone. To create some definition, use the darkest shade of the palette and apply it along the lash line.


To start with the second step (and most important), make sure you’re using a good eyeliner brush. Our advice is to aim for a thick, angled brush. Dip its tip into a pot of a black gel eyeliner and use a tapping motion to create a tail beginning at the outer corner of the eye and reaching the temple angling the brush. Don’t drag the brush – it may leave a too harsh result. If this is not comfortable enough for your hand, you can also start from the inner corner of your eye, and then, when you reach the end of the eye, make a tail by pulling the line out and upwards. It’s really up to you how long or wide you want the tail to be. Remember, the bigger and thicker, the more dramatic.


For the best effect, use a mascara that will give you a maximum volume and add definition to your lash line. And since your eyes are already all about drama, finish the look with a light tone lipstick – to avoid double drama.