redesigned Tampax tampons

People aren’t too happy about the redesigned Tampax tampons

The redesigned Tampax tampons apparently created a seriously messy situation.

After introducing the Packet Pearl – a small tampon specially designed for all the women on the go last year, and was supposed to replace popular Compak,  the Tampax company has recently started to get some seriously bad reviews from apparently very angry customers.

redesigned Tampax tampons

Angry customers describe the usage of redesigned Tampax tampons as messy and gross

The redesigned Tampax tampons that were supposed to help busy women who had trouble incorporating periods into their fast lifestyles and removing them from the list of obstacles for their daily adventures, raised a lot of frustration amongst the female population. Like making a woman mad isn’t enough dangerous matter itself, the company managed to infuriate a large number of ladies, and all that with PMS involved. Not wise, Tampax, not wise…

The Tampax’s official Facebook page started to get increasingly and frequently filled with bad reviews and complaints about the tampons falling apart in the customers’ hands, struggles with the figuring out the tampons’ complex design, the dysfunctional tampon applicator that fails to push the tampon into place properly. Many dissatisfied users said that they were left inserting the tampon manually, which is obviously not too fun, especially when you’re outside the comfort of your home or in a rush.

redesigned Tampax tampons

After more and more disappointed users started to share their bad experiences with the redesigned Tampax tampons and decided to leave the group of loyal customers due to the product’s high discomfort and leakages, the company replied that they represent only a small fraction of the total number of users.

Tampax also offered to refund the products to the unhappy customers and even created a video showing the women how to correctly use their redesigned Tampax tampons. Their spokesperson added that they’re investing their urgent efforts in improving the applicator.