Patagonia – the wild beauty in the amazing art of Andy Lee

Patagonia? Sounds like a mystery! And it almost is! The astonishing work of the artist Andy Lee is a game of light and shadows embedded into the beauty of nature.

He deliberately took roads less traveled so he could seize the mysterious nature of those places, creating the emotions that can give you chills. Symbolically, he photographs  the landscapes in a meaning of change and freedom, but  those valleys are not shined with the sun – they have dark and obscure nature. It is almost like in some kind of fairytale where you expect some surprise around the corner, like a feeling that something is coming and it’s going to happen…

Patagonia – the wild beauty at the edge of the Earth

The artist Andy Lee traveled to the very edge of the Earth, to Patagonia to shoot these interesting photographies. This is a land of wild beauty, at the southern end of South America and comprises deserts, steppes, and grasslands on the beautiful mountain of the Andes. Patagonia has two costs, one that is on the Pacific Ocean and the other on the Atlantic Ocean.

The famous explorer Magellan named the area Patagonia and their inhabitants  “Patagão” (or Patagón). What is interesting about them is that they were taller than the average European people. For a long time, there was the opinion that the inhabitants were giants. The first Europeans that settled in Patagonia were Welsh. They wanted to free themselves from English ruling.

For this beautiful country, there is evidence that it was home for thousands of dinosaurs. The footsteps were found by the lake of Chocon and it is believed that there lived the dinosaurs  that were plant-eaters.

Take a journey with the photos from the series Patagonia Dreaming I and peak into the amazing treasure of planet Earth and breathtaking landscapes. You will be amazed by these astonishing photos taken by Andy Lee. The rest of the work of this amazing artist you can look at the Enjoy!