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party makeup

Party makeup for your perfect trendy, style

Well, girls, who don’t like parties? We prepared for you  a great tutorial for amazing party makeup that will make you a star of the night! This will be especially great for the girls with green eyes, for them this will be perfect! The beautiful nuances will accentuate the unique beauty of green eyes! So, let’s get started!

Party makeup for crazy nights

The best thing about party makeup is that you can do whatever you like! Since it is a makeup for the night, you can use darker eyeshadows, black eyeliner and you can be all into that glamorous look that you always wanted! So, you can allow yourself wearing too much! After all, it’s a party!

You will see in the tutorial step by step how to do this makeup style. Like with any other style, first you apply your primer to prepare the skin for the foundation. After the primer, use your foundation that will give your skin an even color on the whole facial area.

The next step is your eyebrows. There are now so many products on the market that can help you with the eyebrows, giving them a neat shape and a subtle darker nuance if necessary. Brow gel can be a perfect makeup accessory for brows, especially if you have a problem making your brow hairs stay in the same direction. Brow gel can make your brows look more polished and groomed.

Before you start applying your eyeshadows, you should prime your eyelid, just like you used a primer before the foundation for your face. The primer allows your eyeshadows to stay longer on your eyelids by fixing them. For the maximum effects, it is important that you have good brushes, especially for blending. They are irreplaceable when it comes to the perfect eye makeup style.

You will see the universal tip when it comes to the eye makeup, the brighter nuance is always applied to the inner corner of the eye. If you have hazel, brown eyes you may look up for different nuances but the author of the tutorial pick the perfect ones for green eyes. For the inner corner, it is golden bright eyeshadow and for the outer corner, it is brown with blue and green reflections. For the middle of her eye, she used eyeshadow with mixed colors, vibrant light green, yellow and blue.

For brown eyes, these nuances could be dark red, subtle orange and any shades of gold and peach. So, girls, take a look at the video and let’s get the party started!