paper flower bouquets

Paper flower bouquets for your perfect wedding day

Do you want something truly unique, elegant and stylish for your wedding? Paper flower bouquets are just what you were looking for! Amazing hand made bouquets by Serbian artist Vasilissa will stun you with their incredible beauty!

Every girl wants for her wedding every single detail planned! And of all the wedding traditions, tossing a bouquet is maybe the most romantic and bonding one! It is sharing your happiness with other girls, wanting them to find their perfect “one”.

The very tradition of tossing a bouquet stems from England where women ripped pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers to obtain some of her good luck. The bride would then toss a bouquet and ran away from the crowd. So, until this day, tossing a bouquet remained a tradition of passing a good luck.

When it comes to the wedding bouquets, every bride wants them to be elegant and classy and to reflect the style of her wedding. So, we searched for some amazing bouquets and found incredible handmade bouquets.

Paper flower bouquets will be perfect accessory for a wonderful wedding

Do you want a memory from your wedding that will last long, long time and it will be your precious reminder of the most important day? These bouquets will be just that since they are made of paper. Flowers don’t last long, so if you want something that can be kept years after your wedding, maybe even for your daughter, then these bouquets are an ideal choice for you!

Incredibly sophisticated, whatever you choose, it will be perfect! Bouquets with spring colors, why not?

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Darker nuances of flowers for maximum effect!

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You can pick gentle and subtle nuances for weddings organized in fall.

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Amazing, vibrant colors will be perfect for the paper flower bouquets! It will make an impression on every girl!

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Baby pink will always be a trendy color for every bride! This delicate bouquet will cheer up any girl who catches it!

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If you want something classic, sophisticated and elegant these bouquets will sweep you off your feet!

The contrast of white and dark blue color gives this bouquet a touch of uniqueness! Be different and choose something unusual for your perfect day!

paper flower bouquets


I hope you like these paper flower bouquets as much as we did! If you want to look more designs, check the Vasilissa Facebook page here.  We wish you the best luck on your special day!