Beauty & Wellness Tips By Padma Lakshmi: Balance & Consistency

Padma Lakshmi is possibly one of the most inspiring public figures. Why? Simply because she always emanates that attractive vibe of a person who makes sure to live an unequivocally good life. She’s intelligent, beautiful and sophisticated, and in her recent book, Love, Loss and What We Ate, she also proved to be unabashedly honest and open.

The memoir offers an extensive insight into the life of this Indian-born American actress, model, and television host, ranging from her childhood days spent between India and New York, divorce, endometriosis, food and beauty routines.


Padma Lakshmi reveals all her beauty secrets and tricks in a new book


Defining health and wellness, Padma Lakshmi pointed out that she views these two through consistency, thinking through and revising all your actions. This applies to pretty much everything – from how you eat and exercise to how you use words in conversations with others – your family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers on the street. She correctly emphasizes that these things are much more important than just doing yoga or taking supplements.

Padma Lakshmi


Discussing mental health, Padma Lakshmi said it’s the boxing that serves as her physical outlet, adding she’s been boxing for the last 15 years and that it always makes her happy. While boxing undeniably is a great workout, it’s also a form of physical activity that helps you maintain mental health and focus in a way different than any other exercise.

Padma Lakshmi


Mental health and trimmed waist are, however, not the only reasons Padma Lakshmi insists on a consistency in health and wellness. It was the actress’s experience with endometriosis that urged her to focus better on her health and the messages her body sends. She avoids packaged foods and chooses pure, organic and vegan instead.

Aware that it can be pretty challenging to manage to have a clean, nutritious meal every day of the week after a busy working day, she adds that it’s the planning ahead that changes everything. In order to lead a consistently healthy lifestyle, one must plan in advance. That’s the only way to create some time and split the normally time-exhausting and complicated meal preparations into smaller tasks that you’ll perform at different periods of times. For example, one day you just chop the veggies and store them in containers and keep them in the fridge. The next day, you pick the other ingredients and finish the meal.

Padma Lakshmi


Discussing her beauty routine and how she manages to maintain it through her busy schedule and frequent travels, Padma Lakshmi reveals she never wears makeup on trips – for she wants to let her skin breathe as much as possible. She also adds she never travels without makeup wipes, so she can always easily wipe the foundation off whenever she gets a chance. Also, she tries to rest as much as possible and always carries a sleep mask and some vitamin C powder with her. She also makes sure to drink a lot of water and keeps the body butter and a mini cashmere blanket on the top of her travel essentials list.

Padma Lakshmi


Even though it may seem like hard to follow, these tips are really helpful. It is always the hardest thing to start make changes in our life. However, if you think it through and you realize how important is to stay healthy, especially as you’re getting older, then you must be 100% ready for these changes. Doing something good for your body and mind is these days something each person must adopt. You will also noticed that with time you will feel not only better but also proud. There is no better feeling than stand upfront of a mirror and see how your body is changing. You spirit starts to change too because you are satisfied and fulfilled. So, for start go through the entire article once again, think about every advice which is given and make a good plan. It must involve all the things mentioned. Make sure you sick with everything stated above  and in no time you can look as good as  Padma Lakshmi. Never underestimate yourself or your possibilities. If you believe there is nothing you cannot achieve. If you start your adventure with a positive attitude and  specific goals, you are on a half way to a better and healthier life, not to mention much better looking body.