Overly Adorable Babies

5 Overly Adorable Babies Who Look Just Like Emojis

Googling overly adorable babies on a gloomy day is one simple technique that never lets us down or fails to brighten our day when we’re feeling down. Sometimes just to remember that these super cute tiny little humans share the same universe with us, with all their cuteness, is enough.


Babies have a super power of making the world a better place just by existing in it, with their charming little smiles and giggles and cries. Yes, even cries! What is cuter than a stubborn, determined baby cry declaring anger to a parent who refused to let the little one play with a tool box, or to stick his curious little fingers into an electrical socket?


Babies are too busy discovering the world that surrounds them to make themselves busy with hiding or handling their emotions. Since that’s their main way of communicating their wishes and needs, they use their body language very clearly to express what they feel and what they want. And they do it right away, expecting you will react immediately too. If you’re, however, late to fulfill their little tyrant requests, the drama gets bigger before you can even say ‘tyrant’.

These overly adorable babies look exactly like emojis


Since babies are pros at expressing their emotions relying solely on their facial expressions, it’s not hard to imagine that the emoji artists googled them too – to steal some inspiration. And who would blame them!


We’re bringing you 5 overly adorable babies that are seriously too cute to look at and hilariously resemble some of the most popular emojis. Take a look.


#1. What do you mean you ate that last one cookie?!



#2. Did you just kiss my mum?! This means war!!!



#3. Johnny told me I can’t play with them because I’m a girl!



#4. Oh, you brought me my favorite flower. How sweet.



#5. It wasn’t me. Nope. I have no idea who did it.