I am addicted To You - You have an Oval Face Worry No. These Easy Hairstyles Will Make You Look Gorgeous 8

Oval Face Easy Hairstyles Will Make You Look Gorgeous


Classic Bob Cut

The classic bob cut has and will always be one of the best hairstyles for oval faces. It is not only easy to maintain but is even easy to manage in times of hurry. It looks perfect with all oval faces.

Layer it like Aniston

One of the most multitalented ladies in Hollywood has been Jenifer Aniston. Her most loved and common hairstyle has been the layered hairstyle. She has an oval face too and this layered hairstyle highlights her cheekbones and her lips wonderfully. For those of you who want to look younger, this hairstyle for oval shaped face takes off at least 10 years from your face.

For the R n B Diva

If you have curly hair, then you can get a short mane like Alicia Keys. It is mainly bold and the curls frame your face flawlessly. It may be a little difficult to maintain with all the curls open, but you can spend money on a good serum to keep those curls managable and look good in this special oval shaped face hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Bob

For very straight hair, the asymmetrical bob will make an illusion of voluminous hair for an oval shape face. So, if your hair is a little floppy, ask your hairstylist to go for this cut. It is not suitable for women with wavy or curly hair because it will make your hair get all frizzy. Use a little mousse to keep the hair under control.

Waves Down Your Face

These beach-waves frame an oval face completely, so if you have long and wavy hair, it is time to channel your inner gypsy. Get a shoulder-length haircut (if your hair is way too long) and add some huge waves with a spray. You can even color the tips to give it a sexy, settled look.

Pixie it Up a Little

Want to try something daring with your hair? This would be the perfect  hairstyle for you. The sad part is, you may have to cut off your locks, but trust us, and this is one hairstyle that will completely alter your look. They are sexy and will give off a lot of confidence. Not only is it feminine, but it looks really fierce too.

Somewhere Halfway

This one is neither too short nor too long, and we would say this length is nearly ideal! This one looks really edgy, but not so much as the pixie cut of course! You can also style it in many different ways.