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Outfits Every 30-Something Should Have in Her Closet

Forget all advice given to you about abandoning certain trends and limiting your fashion style only because you are getting closer to 30. Clothes really follow no specific rules; you simply need to choose how to dress based on common sense and your body type. Good news is, you can even start wearing stuff you were too timid to try in your 20s, with the peer pressure and all. So, here you, go €“ a list of brand new styles that you can wear in your 30s!


Halters that show too much are maybe best left behind, but that’s no reason not to show a bit of skin from time to time. Perfect combination of sexiness and elegance are off-the shoulder tops. Naked shoulder does not mean you won’t look stylish, but it throws in a sexy hint in the mix. It works perfect for both evenings out and business hours.


They say shoes become increasingly important with age, and with shoes we have to think on what to wear to throw accent on them. Culottes are great in combination with a good high-heeled pair of shoes. If you decide to replace your favorite pair of jeans with some tasty culottes, you won’t ever regret that decision.


Growing up does not mean there isn’t any room for sparkles in your life! If anyone tells you otherwise ignore them, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life. Just add some sequins to a classy piece of clothes like a blazer or a turtleneck instead the going-out tops from your youth.

It is also time to incorporate all that €œserious € pieces you just played with in your 20s. Finally they will feel like something a grown woman should wear instead of playing dress up. Get a full skirt €“ it will compliment your body shape and you will look simply fantastic!