Oscars 2016

Oscars 2016 – Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Oscar

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Yes, that’s right! Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Oscar for the best actor at Oscars 2016! This is his first Oscar after the incredible six nominations before.

This is the only actor from the Titanic crew that has waited for so long to be the Oscar Winner, although this famous film was nominated for 14 awards and actually won 11. He was the only cast member that wasn’t nominated for Oscar that time.

There were numerous Internet memes about Leonardo trying to win the Oscar. People didn’t have mercy, they created Leonardo’s Oscar Twitter account and even a game “Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage“. Internet was on fire ever since!

There were some hilarious tweets that date back to 2014: “Can Django unchain me, I need to get to Leo”, making fun of Leonardo for not winning the Oscar again and “I must have drowned on the Titanic with him”. And the last tweet was: “Finally in my baby’s arms. I love the way he holds me”. Poor Leonardo, but you have to admit, you laughed!

Oscars 2016 finally brought luck to Leonardo

The award is finally in Leo’s hands and it was for his work on “The Revenant” movie where he brilliantly portrayed Hugh Glass, a 19th-century frontiersman that was left to die after he had been mauled by a bear.

Inspired by true events, this incredible story follows the tragic destiny of Glass and his son, half-native on the fur trading expedition. A crew of trappers, under the command of Captain Andrew Henry, hunted for pelts in the Northern Plains. After a surprise attack by Arikara Native Americans, many trappers were killed and the survivors fled on the boat.

Hugh Glass suggested that they should continue their journey on foot to trick natives. After they continued their travelling on the land, Glass was attacked by a bear and severely wounded. The Captain Andrew Henry decided to offer the reward for men who would stay with Glass and watch over him since he wasn’t able to carry on with the journey. John Fitzgerald applies along with John Bridger and that is where the actual plot begins…

Watch this incredible movie and a story of love, betrayal and revenge! Leonardo is magnificent as always! This time, he was rewarded for his brilliant acting! Meanwhile, take a look at his speech at the Oscars 2016 ceremony.