Christian Bale Oscars 2016

Oscars 2016 – Christian Bale was amazing again

Christian Bale is one of the most talented actors nowadays, known for the many successful movie roles  and above all for his versatility in the entertainment industry. His passionate devotion to the roles that he performed is especially noticed when he prepared for the two of the movies he played in. For “The Machinist” he dropped more then sixty pounds and not long after that, he gained weight for his role in “Batman begins“.

Christian Bale was born in 1974, in Wales and started his acting career as a child. He played in his first commercial at age 9 and appeared in “The Nerd” with the famous British actor Rowan Atkinson. Steven Spielberg picked him for the role of Jim Graham in “Empire of the Sun” and that was the point where his career really began. He played in the several successful movies: “The Dark Knight“, “Terminator Salvation“,”Equilibrium” and many more.

He won the Oscar for his performance in “The Fighter“.

Oscars 2016 – Christian Bale was a nominee for the Best Actor in the Supporting Role for the movie “The Big Short”


“The Big Short” is a biographical drama directed by Adam McKay and it covers one of the most important topics about the events that had a huge impact on the economy of the whole world. The collapse of the American housing market and credit bubble which led to the biggest recession since the Great depression in 1929,  are the main story in this movie.

The character played by Christian Bale, eccentric hedge fund manager Michael Burry discovers that the housing market in the United States is highly unstable and based on subprime loans that are highly risky and generate fewer and fewer returns. He predicts that the housing market will eventually collapse, bringing the whole economy down  and  he sees the opportunity to make a profit, taking the advantage of the whole situation and creating a credit swap market.

He approaches several banks and investors with this idea and they accept his proposal, still believing that the housing market is stable. However, he faces the resistance from his clients who believe that he is wasting their money. After the market collapse, like he predicted, he earned 489% profits from the plan.

Very interesting movie about the events that have marked the entire decade and led to the biggest recession in the whole world.  Christian Bale’s performance was astonishing as always. Take a look at the trailer of this amazing movie!