I am addicted To You - Organic Papaya Face Masks for a Beautiful Skin 6

Organic Papaya Face Masks for a Beautiful Skin


Here are some homemade papaya face packs that will help you get the clearest skin texture making you look strikingly dazzling.

1. Papaya with Honey for Dry Skin



You can prepare a face pack by blending honey with papaya. These are natural ingredients that have plenty of useful vitamins and once they mix together it works wonders on your skin. In order to make this paste, take a few pieces of ripe papaya and smash it well. Once mashed into a fine paste, pour two table spoon of honey to it and beat it with a blender or teaspoon. Apply on your skin to get rid of dryness.

2. Papaya with Tomato for Oily Skin




Cut small pieces of tomatoes and papayas. Blend them in a mixture-grinder and spread the pulpy mash evenly on your face. If possible cut off a slice of cucumber and lay it on your eyes while the papaya-tomato face pack dries up. Then rinse and pat dry. Apply once every 3 weeks for best results.


3. Papaya with Fuller’s Earth for Oily Skin

This is a papaya face pack for skin appropriate with very active oil glands. Mash a few crumbs of papaya and soak a lump of fuller’s earth in the mash. The juice will get absorbed and soften it. Beat it into a paste and cover your face with a thick spread. Apply   for a beautiful, oil free skin.




4. Papaya with Banana for Dry to Normal Skin

Both the fruits are rich with curative properties. Mix them in equal proportions. Blend them into a smooth paste in a mixture. Take 3 teaspoons of this paste and apply on your face. Now wash it off. Apply for glowing skin.



Papaya has something for every skin type. Regular use of papaya masks will nourish your skin and give it a feel you have never seen before.