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Open Toe Shoes in Winter To Wear


It was particularly cold autumn night while waiting for the C train, which seemed would never come , all 10 fingers of bare feet and I were there at the end of the legs of another woman, pedicure lacquered surf the hottest days of September, tied to a pair of sandals with just a tight sock or sight, pale fingers stained with redness exposed ice . It felt like a particular translation millennium classic nursery rhyme : This little piggy froze to death, tied in a pair of cork platforms -heeled after sucking up an expensive cocktail and hoofing down to wait for a subway train -Dessus never come .



So it was not the best , or the best looks , or situations, or shoes. But many women seem to be defying the cold , with open toes and a layer of dust or leather topper , I’m still inclined to call a great look . Sienna Miller was recently seen in New York on a cold day in the open toe heels pieces while Kate Hudson wore the feet peep- similar climates . And who can forget that just look where Hanne Gaby hate you was in the streets of Paris last year in the time ahead – 30 degrees, with flat platform sandals ? But Sienna Miller , Kate Hudson, Hanne Gaby expect eternally delayed or C train, my editor told me – remember it is a driver for it .



At the end of the day , time -meets- -toe cold eyes open is often the situation. ” The worst thing you can see are women teetering around in open toed shoes when there is snow on the ground ,” says Vogue.com Associate Photo Editor Samantha Adler. ” . They make other people feel cold ” To combat rapidly pay mounds of snow, Fashion News Editor Alessandra Vogue.com recommended Codinha old classic , car and driver, ” a door- to-door service is needed,” said Codinha . ” Like many things in life , being impractical can be chic – which means that you should not sweat the small stuff ,” he adds , ” both as a small or no bag Fashion Week means you He has a dedicated driver or assistant handle the details.


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”  As for himself? Vogue.com editor Chelsea Market Zalopany recommended to connect the shoe with a cute sock. ” The sock should look deliberately open toe shoe , and the shoe is preferably a platform,” he says Zalopany recommend ” a sock cashmere ribbed nylon or semi see- through good shade. ” However, some open toe couples are off limits . ” Never , never wear open-toed shoes with nude pantyhose of any kind ,” says Codinha . “It seems you have no other shoes . ” But the final delivery ? If you decide to venture into the cold knuckles outdoor Uber could be your smartest bet. Her piglets will be warm and grateful.