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One Universally Beneficial Hair Product


A real problem when it comes to our hair maintenance is the sheer lack of time we have available to dedicate to our hair during the day. Between morning coffee, breakfast, shower and dressing up €“ we usually never give our conditioner enough time to really soak into the hair, not to mention spraying on heat protector before applying 400-degree to it. It is a shame, since hair and skin are two organs that require constant nourishment from us. That’s why hair masks are crucial; they provide us with all that without wasting our time.



When using the hair mask, make sure to apply it before you start your workout routine. Tie up your hair in a ponytail, slightly dampen it and comb through the treatment before finally lifting it up into a bun. Your body heat from working out will help the hair mask penetrate more. This way you will save time and get the best out of it.



If your hair is already badly damaged from bleaching or other chemical products, always apply the hair mask before shampooing your hair. Coat dry the hair evenly to create a shield that protects the ends which are probably damaged the worst.



Always use a comb to apply the treatment. It might be easier for you to just grab it with the palm of your hands and form a rake with your fingers; comb allows it to be evenly redistributed among every strand, and not just the top layer.



When choosing a proper treatment, always opt for one with more proteins. Natural oils such is argan are good for your hair because they moisturize it but hair needs much more than moisture. Protein rich masks will help your hair by basically rebuilding it inside out.