a one night stand

A one night stand …Or Was It?

I was told a thousand times by my mother that a man won’t love a girl that was a one night stand, but, this time was different. I normally am a reserved person, and wait too long to be intimate with a guy.

On this one particular night, and with this particular guy, I just didn’t feel like I had to hold out. Letting my guard down, I felt a chemistry that I hadn’t felt before. I threw caution to the wind and had a one night stand.

Morning after a one night stand

When I poked my eyes up in the morning, I could have shot myself. I couldn’t believe, looking around, that I was in his apartment. It wasn’t that I had too much to drink, I drank very little. It was as if I was drunk with an infatuation with this man who seemed more like an old friend than someone I just met in a bar.

Although we spent all night talking, waking up at his place still should have been awkward, but it wasn’t.  Standing in front of me, Hayden had not only made me coffee, he made me a full breakfast. I pulled the covers up to hide my nakedness, not sure how to react. It was clear he had been up for a long time preparing for this morning.

a one night stand


€œGood morning Jules, € he said with a smile so bright, it made my heart flutter. Almost like looking at the sun, I had to look away for a minute to gather my composure. It felt familiar like I had woken this way every day of my life, it just felt €œright € and that I was exactly where I belonged.


I know what you are thinking, you are probably saying to yourself that there is a point where the story goes bad and I end in tears. That is what I expected too. I went home, doing the walk of shame, yet not feeling shameful for having a one night stand. If nothing else I had left feeling my self-respect was intact. Even if he didn’t text me, like he said he would, I would always cherish the night we had and our morning breakfast.


Quickly making my way to work, my co-worker could tell I was not myself. There was something different about the way that I floated around the office. Checking my phone throughout the day, I was disappointed to see that Hayden hadn’t once checked in.

a one night stand


Assuming that he had second thoughts, I headed out for a drink after work with my friend to forget about his handsome face and to try to mend my broken heart.


When I got home after a happy hour, the door to the front of my building was left open. Since my roommate was known to be forgetful, I didn’t think much of it. Approaching my front door, I saw my prince charming standing in front of me with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

a one night stand



€œHi, there stranger. I was going to call, but thought I would rather see your beautiful face in person, € he said as he handed over the flowers.


Ten years and two children later, he is still doing things to surprise me and make me smile. The man I adore was nothing more than a one night stand that never ended. The prince charming of my dreams, I guess letting my guard down this once paid off.