I am addicted to you - Olivia Wearing Apparel Dress And Pants 5

Olivia Wearing Apparel Dress And Pants




Olivia Palermo is known for his bold style sensitivity, it is not surprising, therefore, that even in the case when Olivia remains simple, as in his own spin. During the test New York spectrum, Olivia has done exactly that, the basic provisions of the cabinet – this buckle dress and trousers with flare fittings – and combine them to do much more than the sum of its parts.



Olivia paired his elegant dress with trousers from Tibi the designer, by combining two things that are “not” go hand in hand – but in any case, they are simply worked. It is then layered on the elegant, but the statement solutions accessories: bracelets, and secure its BаubleBаr four strap collection.



For the completion of his appearance, she added clutch and nude United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. All together, the exterior has been under-appreciated, but, after you twice, it was impressive. Read more carefully examine his conduct, as well as links to shop on your own!