Office makeup look

Office makeup look for all the busy girls

It’s your first day in work and you want a makeup that is “not too much”, but still subtly accentuating your beauty? Then, this office makeup look will be just for you!

Many girls use stronger makeup both for the day and for the night! However, this is a huge mistake if you want to be a lady with style. Stronger and darker nuances are a big “no” for daily occasions. Light is the worst enemy for a heavy makeup since all those layers of foundation and dark eyeshadows just don’t look good in daylight.

The worst thing that can happen is that you can look way too older than you actually are, and we certainly don’t want that to happen! This is especially true for ladies that are already in their sensitive years when they want their makeup to hide the flaws not to reveal them. Heavy makeup doesn’t work well on wrinkles, so subtle alternatives will do a much better job.

Office makeup look – when the less is more

An office is a specific environment. If you are employed, you certainly know that you do not only represent yourself but also the company that you are working for. If you want to be perceived as a woman with style, responsible and reliable, you have to be careful with your overall appearance. Dress code is certainly important but along with the rules how to dress at work, there are rules what is acceptable  when it comes to makeup.

And the golden rule here is: the less is more! If you want a truly great office makeup look, use brighter nuances and avoid specific makeup styles, such as smokey eyes. We know you love them, but this is not a good choice for the office. You should go for a subtle, natural look with nuances of baby pink and light peach.

Watch this great tutorial and pick up the idea of the perfect office makeup look! Have a nice work day!