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Offensive Latino Halloween costumes you should never wear


Halloween is approaching, and that means we get to have plenty of fun with constructing and wearing our costume! While it is perfectly normal to want to have fun, remember not to cross the line and wear something that no one really should, especially if it’s as offensive as costumes described in this article.

Never wear the €žTequila pop dude €œcostume. A sombrero with the word tequila written on it, a bottle of tequila and poncho make this terrible costume. Besides reinforcing stereotypes, it is plain ugly, so avoid it at all costs.

There’s also a costume of an €žAztec Mayan Indian MexicanQueen €œon the market for some reason. Besides being terribly offensive, it makes no sense whatsoever. Aztecs and Mayans are not only different people, but lived in different periods in history too. Do yourself a favor and avoid this one.


€žSexy Mariachi €œcostume is just a mariachi uniform with a big cleavage. Women mariachis do exist, and you should listen to their music, not look at their cleavage. This costume is just sexist, so don’t buy it. Or buy it and then burn it!

€žDay of the Dead Seniorita €œis not a cool costume. Day of the Dead is a religious holiday, not a Halloween offshoot. As a religious holiday, it should be respected and not ridiculed by implementing its motifs to an oversexualized costume for a whole another holiday.

€žLittle Amigo €œcostume exists, unfortunately. Don’t dress yourself up in an ethnic stereotype, and certainly don’t dress your small child up as one either! Really, the amount of people who don’t quite get the common sense thing is astoundingly large.

€œLatin Dancer € €“ a costume that has been critiqued for its insensitivity since 1950s. Apparently, 65 years aren’t enough to eradicate it, which is a shame.