NYC dance project

NYC dance project – amazing art of ballet

NYC dance project is an amazing homage to the art of human movement.

Along with the incredible photos, the clothing of the dancers is absolutely amazing, contributing to the overall scene effect!

This project was developed by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory with two teenage ballet students. Ken is fashion/beauty photographer and he has lived in Paris for a long time where he photographed dancer from Paris opera Ballet. Many famous magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire published his work. He and Deborah live in Brooklyn.

Debora has been a dancer since her childhood and her passion for photography showed in her art. While her dancing career, she has been injured and during that time, she began photographing her rehearsals where she couldn’t participate due to the injury. When she moved to the New York City she started working as a photo editor at magazines House&Gardens, Mirabella and many others.

NYC dance project

NYC dance project – amazing collaboration of two arts

NYC dance project is a unique collaboration between these two artists with the main idea of portraying the beauty of human body and movement. They carefully paid attention to every detail, from light to the very dancers who participated in the project. They were observing each portrait as a unique micro project.

You can see the gracious movements of ballet dancers and amazing scene clothing! Dresses are breathtaking, almost pieces of art for themselves. The gentle touch of fabric and gorgeous prints, you can almost feel it just by looking at photos.

The beauty of ballet art just emphasizes the beauty of dresses and vice versa. The expression of faces is also something worth observing for. On some photos, the faces are serene and calm, in the others, you can feel pride and joy.

NYC dance project was working with some of the best-known names from the dancing community: Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, Daniil Simkin’s “Intensio” and Ballet Next. They were also collaborating with American Ballet Theatre. For the future, they have big plans with Martha Graham Dance Company.

Enjoy these beautiful photos! And fashion dresses, of course!