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non white bridal dresses

Non white bridal dresses or how to be glamorously unique

Oh, does it have to be white? No! For every one of you girls, who want something intriguing, provocative and unique there are non white bridal dresses as a perfect choice!

There is something comforting and safe following the tradition and what everybody else is doing! Since 1840, when Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding to Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobur, it became official color for bridal dresses. But, every once in awhile there comes a brave bride ready to break up with the tradition and pick her won color and her own style.

Non white bridal dresses – a way to be unique

And when the white cease to be the leading color, the options are practically endless! We bring you some of the boldest choices of brides that decided to follow their own instincts and be special on their special day. Whether if it’s a light green, almost like a gentle leaf of a plant or bold sprinkled blue dress, those ladies decided that they should be unique! And they did it!

With their non white bridal dresses, they made a pretty bold and strong fashion statement: the personality determines the style, the dresses are there to emphasize the beauty! So, ladies, if any one of you has a second thought about whether or not to wear a classic white, we suggest you to look at the alternatives!

There are plenty of choices that can better portray you in every possible way! Your style shouldn’t be tied to the white! Actually, many women prefer totally different colors and feel comfortable in maybe even darker solutions. And, why not?  At the end, remember one thing: it is your day! You supposed to make it special for you! If you feel like wearing blue, than wear blue! Don’t hesitate!

If everyone asks, feel free and brave to say: “Who told you it has to be white?”