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Non Models Try Out Some Sexy Halloween Costumes


Nature of supermodels is such that anything will look great on them. Supermodels look fantastic in you three year old oversized t-shirt as much as they do in top brand ballroom gowns. But for this article we did something entirely different. We took ordinary people and had them wear supposedly sexy Halloween costumes. Results were absolutely amazing!

Alie wore a classic sexy jellyfish costume and reported her experience as wonderfully hilarious. Even though she didn’t have her boobs out in last ten Halloweens, this was a fun costume, since it basically resembles a bathing suit with googly eyes.

Mylan went with the sexy Olaf costume. She reports this costume felt like wearing nothing at all, but was fun enough to feel relaxed, even though she as a person considers herself awkward.

Next on line is our non-model model who wore a popular Sexy Vader costume. She says it made her feel tough and badass, a sensation she did not expect since the costume looked ridiculous to her before she put it on.

Sexy Taco costume is ridiculous, that is the entire purpose of it. Model who wore this oversized taco that adorably comes along with a little taco hat agreed. She says this costume is so funny you cannot feel sexy in it. All sexiness is absolutely unintentional, she told us.

Another in the apparently long line of food based Halloween costumes is a Sexy Pizza costume! We know, pizza is perfect the way it is and should not be desecrated like this. But, think of it this way, this costume is merely a tribute to pizza, a piece of clothes that celebrates the divine food that pizza is. Our model agrees, and adds that being inside this costume makes her feel like a hot slice!