Nick Lachey talks things with Tracee Ellis Ross

Morning Buzz's Host, Nick Lachey talks things with Tracee Ellis Ross


Morning Buzz host, Nick Lachey was happy to see Tracee ellis ross as his guest on VH1. The star discussed about the Black Girls Rock that quite a surprise to all of the casts as Michelle Obama appeared on one of the scene.

On the Morning Buzz, Ross made a statement live and told Lachey her history with Kanye West. She said that it would be a great idea if Kanye became a guest on Black-ish and she wondered what he would be playing. She also joked around about Kanye appearing as guest and asked audience to put it on hashtag #Kanyedoctoronblackish. The accidental campaign went viral indeed after the show has finished.

Ross also talked about the exciting show and how the series empower young women in this generation to actually be inspired with the trailblazing ever changing world. She also stated that alter ego T-Murda, who made first appearance. The Black Girls Rock is a really great show and Ross jokingly told Nick about how she talks with alter ego T Murda.

Her visit on vh1 studio was a blast and it did make the audience laugh by her crisp and witty comments on the show. Coming from legendary family in the movie industry, Tracee Ellis Ross has an impressive skill on acting and this black-ish star definitely nailed the play.

Her discussion with Nick Lachey was a great moment and she really enjoyed playing in the role as another different character of a woman despite her hilarious character in real live. She also talks about how glad she was when Michelle Obama, the first Lady joined her in the series for a scene.